The Prince Alexander Adventures

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The Aquarius Stone

The Aquarius Stone is the first book in The Prince Alexander Adventures series and the first book published by R. K. Nixon.

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Front cover of The Aquarius Stone

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The Story

Alexander is the Prince of Orchantia, the realm of the fairies. He is due to become king when he turns 300 years old. The fairies are getting ready for the Summer Solstice celebrations, the night they celebrate receiving their powers. Alexander is bored with the preparations, so he sets off with his best friend Xana in search of an adventure.

It’s not just Alexander who is looking for something, Dronka the Troll Lord is searching for the Aquarius Stone (the source of the fairies magic). He sends his greatest warrior, Gumla, to get it.

Alexander’s adventure becomes a race to save Orchantia. Only with the help of his friends will Alexander have a chance to save his people.

Meet the Characters

Prince Alexander

Prince Alexander: The Prince of Orchantia. He is 299 years old. His best friend is Xana.

Anabelle by the river, The Aquarius Stone

Annabelle: A human who is saved by Prince Alexander and turned into a fairy.

Dronka, The Aquarius Stone

Dronka: The Troll Lord. He’s mean, ugly and hates everything. He only cares about getting his hands on the Aquarius Stone so he can have all the fairies magic.

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